“Public opinion polls rank the military near the top of the list of most admired professions - above clergy, teachers, business executives and even, surprise, elected officials. This is largely due to the high ethical standards demanded of our military members at all levels.  Lapses that might be tolerated or overlooked in other professions will end a military officer’s career. ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ isn’t just a good quote: it is a way of life for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. Dennis has written an important book that should be required reading for every person who wants to understand why the people in uniform deserve such respect.”


Brigadier General Dennis W. Schulstad, USAF, Retired




          “Not Your Average Joe is not your average book. Dennis has crafted a wonderful resource for employers to use in understanding the exceptional core values that veterans bring with them when they transition into the business world. This is a must-have resource for all hiring managers and HR departments.”


Lieutenant Colonel Alex Plechash, USMC, Retired

U. S. Naval Academy Class of ‘75

          “Today’s veterans are a breed unto themselves and are certain to surpass the ‘The Greatest Generation’ in their willingness to sacrifice their lives for our country. Unlike those before them, these fine young Americans willingly volunteer to answer their countries call in a time of war. For without them, then who? Who would willingly stand up to fight for this great country? 

          These Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines are highly trained and educated, capable of making insightful and precise decisions that are uncommon among most of today’s youth. They offer a level of passion, commitment and integrity that are common place in today’s military and sought after by employers who previously stood in their boots.

          In my 26 years of service, I was continually amazed at their resilience, commitment and willingness to achieve any goal set before them. They truly are a profession of arms and capable of so much more than some give them credit for. I’ve seen them in combat, during emergency relief efforts and peace time and they always rise to the occasion regardless of the situation. They have an irreplaceable ability to solve problems, manage time, or develop better and more efficient means of addressing issues.

          Dennis captures this very spirit and essence of a generation of Americans who have demonstrated a commitment to a higher calling.  He offers a unique insight into their devotion to higher values, morals and ethics. He also captures their distinct skills and ability that categorize them in a class above those who have not served in the same capacity. A must read for business and industry leaders.”


Command Sergeant Major Edward “Scott” Mills, MN ARNG, Retired